The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2024

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2024

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2024

Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 has come to an end, and it was a busy and eventful week. The debut of Sabato De Sarno's Gucci collection, SPORTMAX's futuristic theme, and Simone Bellotti's successful reinvention of BALLY were some of the highlights. The runway shows from Prada, Diesel, Bottega Veneta, and others also impressed the Milanese audience with their impeccable designs.

In recent days, each designer's work has demonstrated a strong focus on modern fashion trends. The dresses displayed graceful beauty while denim explored provocative low cuts, sometimes exposing the buttocks. Shoes stuck to a traditional formal style. Yet, it was the bags that truly stood out at Milan Fashion Week SS24.

Bags. Bags were everywhere.

Gucci shined with crystal-decorated designs that captured everyone's attention. Bottega Veneta showcased unusually large bags. Prada found inspiration in their nearly century-old collection.

Before heading to Paris Fashion Week SS24, let's first admire some of the top bags showcased at Milan Fashion Week. The bags are listed without any specific ranking.

Prada Milano Dal 1930

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2024

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons explored the archive of Miuccia's grandfather, uncovering a handbag created by the original co-founder of Prada. This bag has been reimagined as the Prada Milano Dal 1930, with a range of sizes from small to large totes. The traditional silk moiré fabric has been replaced with Prada's modern re-nylon material, with some options crafted from Nappa leather. Each style includes a hand-crafted clasp decorated with a mythical figure.

This bag added to Simons' infusion of horror into the collection, which has been praised as one of the design duo's best collaborations so far. The Prada Milano Dal 1930 could become the must-have bag of the season, giving an otherworldly feel to your "Haze" dress. It would also go well with the patchwork leather jacket, or a suited outfit with pointed boots, from the renowned House.

Gucci Jackie by Sabato De Sarno

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2024

This Gucci Jackie is different from the usual ones. Sabato De Sarno's first collection for the House was elegant and timeless, allowing the bags to stand out. The crystal-covered Jackies were particularly eye-catching.

Since Friday, she has been the center of attention among the MFW attendees. The Jackies were seen in different styles, from brown leather with crystal lattice design to more solid black or orange leather versions. This time, she was adorned with crystals in a distinctive brooch-like pattern.

Gucci also had a green and red version of the Jackie bag made from real python leather. It coordinated perfectly with a matching cropped jacket and underwear set also crafted from python leather.

The new Jackie bags come with an updated clasp that replaces the old Piston Lock with a click-and-release system, making it easier to access the interior of the bag. If these features don't grab your interest, then what will?

Bottega Veneta

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2024

We specifically mentioned Bottega Veneta because each bag that Matthieu Blazy showcased during the runway show was a work of art.

Choosing just one is difficult, but let's begin with the Foulard basket-woven Intreccio leather designs. These accessories were not only luxurious, but also contained a hidden message referencing previous collections by Blazy. The spacious Sardine bags and those with artisanal ceramic or wooden handles also exuded luxury.

In other places, we came across small blue briefcases that had been enlarged to fit a big boss, accessories that looked like they were meant for picking up the morning newspaper, and huge bucket bags carried over the shoulder.

In other words, Bottega Veneta showcased exceptional skill in working with leather. We are eager to own one of their bags as soon as possible.

Diesel’s Sandwich Clutch Bag

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2024

The sandwich bag is a nostalgic item that Glenn Martens has revamped with a Diesel twist. Made from white leather, this bag is referred to as such due to its flap-over closure, which rolls over on itself.

To access the bag, simply pull on the large D logo made of metal. There was also a version available in blue denim that featured additional pockets inspired by jeans, a biker-style satchel, and other essential carrying options.

Ferrari’s Car Clutch

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2024

Yes, it is true that Ferrari, the Italian luxury car maker, also has a fashion division known as Ferrari Style. The brand recently showcased a collection heavily inspired by racing, including a literal interpretation with a car-shaped clutch.

Presented in shiny silver, dark blue, or glossy black, this small clutch features a design inspired by a conceptual car drawing. The design includes sleek lines, an ambiguous front and back - it embodies the concept throughout.

Who would have imagined that these lines would result in such a practical hand-held design? We are not sure what you would use it for, but it is definitely enjoyable. Maybe Charli XCX should be contacted because there are some sleek vessels available.

BALLY’s Bag Brilliance 

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2024

Similar to Bottega Veneta, BALLY also displayed a variety of bags that were all excellent and difficult to choose just one. These designs were created by their new Creative Director Simone Bellotti and demonstrated BALLY's range. The collection included luxurious brown leather holdalls with gold clasps as well as plexi bags featuring strawberry motifs.

Even the tiny leather items incorporated cowbells that made sound as they appeared on the runway. For a similarly quirky option, small pouches attached to belts held the world's smallest bouquets of flowers.

BALLY consistently impressed with its ability to keep a clean and simple design. For example, satchel bags featured stylish gold chains that complemented the brand's uniform-inspired outfits. Additionally, red duffle bags added a pop of color to more formal looks. Overall, BALLY emerged as a top brand for bags this season.

SPORTMAX’s Alien Head

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2024

SPORTMAX surprised many attendees at Milan Fashion Week with its unique presentation, which featured a greenhouse filled with plants, a white floor, and bright lighting that made it feel like being on an extraterrestrial spaceship.

During our visit, we discovered a variety of shiny white and metallic silver bags in the shape of alien heads. The models held them by what seemed to be horns and positioned them in a unique way. The distinctive shape added an extra level of excitement to the looks, and we couldn't help but appreciate the practicality of the bags.

When has a practical bag ever been considered good? We will bring it with us to Mars.
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